Total Time
Prep 35 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a nice and easy recipe, that goes very well with lamb and ratatouille. If you don't like cumin, use paprika. I usually make more than we really eat, because you can reheat them a little if you have left overs, though in my family it never comes to that. We tend to eat them cold as well.


  1. grease a baking tray.
  2. wash potatoes and cut in half.
  3. crisscross the halfs with a knife on the bottom (none peel) side.
  4. sprinkle cuminseeds or paprika on the baking tray and place the potatoes on top.
  5. put bits of butter or drops of oil on the potatoes.
  6. sprinkel with salt and cuminseeds or paprika.
  7. Leave in oven at 210 celsius for 30 minute or until bottoms are brown and potatoes are done.


Most Helpful

Wonderful crisp baked potatoes! we loved the crunch of the outside and the softness of the inside, we will make these again, thanks for posting! April 5/09 mmm mmm good, every one loves these!!

Derf April 06, 2009

My potatoes were giant sized so I had to bake them for nearly an hour at 450 degrees F. They turned out nicely crispy on the outside and just right on the inside. I just used coarse salt, but love the idea of adding garlic salt as well.

iris5555 March 30, 2008

Simple yet very tasty potatoes, I used a dash of garlic salt, ground cumin and paprika . The potatoes skin was crispy brown and the inside was soft. Thank you Jellyqueen

Chef floWer September 04, 2007

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