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Ok, 5 for taste....3 for appearance! These look pretty weird...not very beautiful...but taste is all that matters with me. When I first read the directions I thought you meant "stir in the eggs". Come on it was a weekday after all honors classes. I had to throw the flour/egg mixture away sadly enough. I couldn't tell when they were done so I left them in a little longer, which was a bad idea. I only tried that for a few of them though. 25 minutes is perfect time. My family wouldn't stop eating them (which was annoying since I wanted to take them for my lunches)

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Cookin' Swimmer September 05, 2009

These are very tasty. I was having trouble getting the bread crumbs to stick after the rings had been dipped into the flour. So I dipped them into the egg mixture again before the bread crumbs and they stuck much better to make the coating nice and crispy. I'll be making these again!

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jean July 01, 2005

I make this same recipe using only milk or tomato juice as the dip - Love the Onion rings - as you said they are healthy and unbelievably good Hope others try your recipe

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Bergy November 23, 2004
Oven Onion Rings