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I took Luvcookns advice and dredged the onion slices in flour first, and also refrigerated for half an hour before baking. I didn't get a perfect coating, but it was quite good, certainly very tasty! I didn't split my onions into thin rings, so I had onion slices, really, which were extremely popular, I gave them to the family to snack on during sports on tv, and they just..vanished! I could have made three times as many! I will certainly make these again, either as a snack or a vegetable, very little effort and very much enjoyed!

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Karen Elizabeth December 15, 2008

These are the best baked onion rings!!! What I did to make the crumbs stick was dredged all the rings in flour and then in the egg mixture and then the crumbs (bound breading)...I also refrigerated them for about 30 minutes before baking. And they were awesome and no fat!!! I have missed onion rings...as we do not and will not deep fry. Thanks so much for posting. Now we won't feel guilty about eating them. Needs more stars!

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luvcook'n September 26, 2008

*Delicious* - I used Italian seasoned crumbs with the cornflakes and these taste so much better than onion rings in restaurants, with no frying! I agree with Toni that it's impossible to get the coating to stick to the onions. I tried omitting the milk, and tried using BBQ sauce and I couldn't get the crumbs to stick to the onions. It just kept sliding off. It was a lot of work to get a little bit of crumbs stuck. I'm sure there's a way to accomplish this - if you find out let me know and I too will make these again and again!

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FLKeysJen September 15, 2008

Loved the combination of breadcrumbs and cornflakes used in this recipe. The final results were crunchy crispy and chased away any craving for fried renditions of this comfort food classic. A couple of details worth noting, make sure the onion is rather thick sliced about 3/8 inch or more - my rings that were thinner were near burned in the alloted cooking time. Also, I had a near impossible time getting the coating to adhere and gave up with about half crumbed onions. Further directions about that would be great as I am certain to make these again and again.

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justcallmetoni March 28, 2008
Oven Onion Rings