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This recipe produces an authentic-tasting kalua pig that every resident and visitor to Hawaii loves.

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Jamie in Hawaii March 12, 2003

Being from Hawaii we've made kalua pig tons, but I decided to try this since it had some added ingredients. I omitted the ginger and used garlic powder instead. This was really good. We always cook two 5lb. pork roast at the same time and it takes the same amount of time as it does for one. We usually freeze one for a later quick meal. You can also use banana peels over your meat if you don't have ti leaves for some added flavor. You need to cover you meat completely and don't leave openings or it'll dry out. Also, after skimming off the fat from the juice that comes out, you can use this to flavor your meat.

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mom2b2g January 18, 2007

This was just like the Kaulua pig we have had at luaus. I have made this recipe twice, both times without the Ti leaves and it comes out great. This second time our party time was extended and the meat cooked atleast an extra hour. The juices had all cooked away. I just quickly heated all the other ingredients (except the liquid smoke) on the stove top and poured over the meat. It still turned out wonderfully! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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MichelleinHI October 05, 2005

I did a little experement- I bought a huge piece of pork for a party(pork shoulder from Costco- it was actually two pieces in one package). Half I put in the oven and followed the directions exactly and the other I put in a crockpot with the same ingredients except that about 1/2 hour before it was done I added half a head of chopped cabbage (just like my favoite plate lunch resturant in Kauai). When it was done I served the two side by side and asked for everyone's opinion. Everyone liked the one in the crockpot better. I must say though that the one cooked in the oven shredded beautifully while the crockpot one had to be chopped into small pieces. The flavorings in the recipe were perfect though- only I used real ginger. Mahalo

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kda949 May 02, 2005

Reading everyone else's recipe, I must have done something wrong, but I can't imagine what. The only thing I did differently was use banana leaves instead of ti leaves. Just couldn't find them. Anyway, this made my house smell Terrible. The meat had the same smell only milder. Maybe bad ingredients? Sadly, it was so awful, my family has begged me not to try this one again. Found another that came out wonderful.

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Tabitha S. July 23, 2014

I have made this recipe many many times. The only changes I make is 1) i use a crockpot and cook on high for 1 hour and the turn down to low for about 12 hrs or overnight and 2) I add some water (about 1/2 cup but I monitor it and add more as necessary) to the mix...it keeps the meat moist during the long cook time. It ALWAYS comes out awesome. When I wake in the am, I touch it with the tongs and it literally falls apart.

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ThinkDifferent25 November 20, 2012

Great recipe. Followed recipe except I did what loves_flavor did and used an oven roasting bag. Scored pork. Rubbed with other ingredients that I combined in the bag (no bowl to clean) and sealed it. Let marinate for an hour and popped in oven in cast iron skillet. Used shredded pork to make Kalua Pork Nachos. Corn chips, pork, shredded cheddar and jack cheeses, in micro to melt cheese, top with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole (Guacamole). Raves from all guests at New Years Eve gathering.

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Nancy C. January 14, 2011

I tried this using a crock pot. It came out a tad bit dry so I will stick to the recipe next time. But my incredibly picky daughter gobbled this up and both my hubby and I loved it. I think the would be great in the summer with some grilled veggie kabobs. Thank you!

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duck_jb January 07, 2011

I make this pork every year for my annual luau party. I use pork shoulder from Smart & Final - they come 2 to a package. I marinate the pork the night before in the sauce. Then I cook them together in the oven for 8 hours at 275 degrees. It just comes apart so easy at the end. Be sure to wrap the pork completely in foil. After the pork is shredded we pour the sauce in the pan on top of the pork to keep it moist. Delicious every time I make it!

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dmnclarke July 13, 2009

Wow! My husband and i were married in Hawaii and ate Kalua pork at a Luau, this tastes just as delicious and is now a regular on our dinners list. I have been asked for the recipe by everyone who has tried it. The only difference i made was to cook in oven bags (as suggested) and replace the liquid smoke with a smokey chipolte liquid - I'm in the UK and cant get hold of the leaves or liquid smoke :-(

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louise.coales April 18, 2009
Oven Kalua Pig