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I have made 3 trays of this recipe and am well stocked for the winter. I mixed the oil. squeezed garlic, oregano & oil in a plastic bag then threw in the tomatoes to coat them. Baked for 2 hours and left in the oven until it was completely cool. I have just done a whole tray of GREEN tomatoes and although they have a different flavor from the ripe tomatoes it is very pleasing and I can think of a dozen ways of using them including bruchettas, sauces, salads etc etc. What a before the frost garden saver!!! Thanks Mirjam this is a winner I am still picking green tomatoes from the garden

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Bergy October 06, 2003

WOW! what amazing flavor these have! I added more garlic because I love it, the smell as this was cooking the first hour was the most amazing! I did let them sit all night in the oven and they are beautiful BUT next time after the first hour I am tossing these beauties with some linguini and parmesan cheese and eating them right then and there! I urge you to try these I was lucky and have a huge amount of tomatoes, but I would go out and buy them just to make this WONDERFUL recipe... thank you so much Mirjam:)

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Donna July 29, 2002

After 1 hour, they were still juicy, so I let them go another hour. My taste tester says that they reminded him of eating pizza without the crust. He especially liked the "crunchy bits" - roasted garlic. I used Juliette cherry tomatoes - a type of minature plum.

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Cathleen Colbert June 27, 2002

This sounds very similar to a recipe that I just made yesterday. The tomatoes taste amazing prepared this way. I used regular tomatoes cut into quarters, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper mixture. After they were done I packed them in jars with olive oil and put them in the refrigerator. Not only will I have great tomatoes, but the olive oil will be wonderful, too!

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Kelly in Idaho September 20, 2002

Well, I tried this recipe but I made a mistake and cooked the tomatoes at 225 C instead of F, because it wasn't specified in the directions. It didn't seem to matter that much because after an hour the vast majority of the tomatoes looked perfect. A few were burnt, but those seemed to only be the ones that were placed face down on the tray. The flavour is incredibly intense, but I can see these making a fabulous tomato sauce in the middle of winter. Thanks for a great recipe Mirj!

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Sackville September 30, 2002

Great, easy recipe. I also kept the tomatoes in the oven for an hour longer. I used ripe roma tomatoes ( as that is is what I had). Excellent use for extra garden fruits.

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alanatiger August 20, 2002

WOW!!! These little gems BURST with flavor!!! It is so easy to prepare these, pop them in the oven (I also let them go for 2 hrs), and bag them for the freezer (if you get that far)! We are looking forward to pulling these out of the deep freeze come this winter when it is bitter cold outside...what a treat that will be! Now instead of DREADING going out to pick cherry tomatoes, we are waiting on it to produce more to pick!! THAT'S a FIRST!! Great recipe Mirj, thanks for sharing! :)

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Shae August 29, 2002

This recipe is a delicious way to use up excess tomatoes from our garden! I am baking the tomatoes according to the recipe and after the one to two hours is up, I whiz them in the blender and have the bestest, freshest tasting pasta sauce in town! Hubby loves it...and he is not a pasta fan! Must be patient enough to wait overnight with one of the batches and see what the original recipe tastes like!

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nanmatt August 26, 2002

This was great!! I actually used normal big tomatoes and cut them down to 6 pieces each. Then I mixed the it up with the garlic (used 2 heads instead of 2 cloves, love garlic), basil, oregano, salt, pepper, and olive oil. They went into the oven for 2 hours, and then I turned the oven off and left it in there overnight. The smell is amazing, but it's nothing compared to the taste. This is coming from someone who usually doesn't fancy tomatoes. It went really well with a simple ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. I love it so much, I did a second batch, and i too blended it up, and it made a great pasta sauce.

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KitchenManiac February 14, 2003

These are wonderful! The aroma while baking is out of this world. I used Juliette tomatoes, fresh herbs and garlic from my garden. I baked them for 2 hours before turning the oven off, and in the morning they were still moist so I baked one more hour. I was out of parchment paper, so maybe if I had used it that would have absorbed some of the excess moisture. Regardless, they turned out great. Now I can make all those recipes that call for sun-dried tomatoes and not have to pay the supermarket price! Thanks Mirjam!

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Donna M. September 28, 2002
Oven-Dried Tomatoes