Oven Deep Pit Barbecued Beef

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Total Time
24hrs 20mins
20 mins
24 hrs

I served this for a family reunion and everyone loved it.

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  1. Start the day before serving.
  2. Mix seasonings well and roll the roast in the mixture.
  3. Pour the liquid smoke over the roast.
  4. Tear 8 layers of heavy duty foil in approximately 24 inch lengths.
  5. Wrap the roast in each piece of foil individually, sealing layer each well.
  6. After using 4 lengths of foil, place roast in a large brown grocery bag and seal with masking tape.
  7. Continue with the other 4 lengths of foil, again, sealing well.
  8. Place in a large roasting pan and put into a 200°F oven for 24 hours.
  9. Do NOT disturb the meat while roasting.