Total Time
Prep 12 hrs
Cook 0 mins

A tip I got from the Australian Women's Weekly.


  1. Heat the oven to 200.C then turn it off.
  2. Place a small bowl of ammonia on the centre shelf and the bowl of boiling water on the bottom.
  3. Close the door and leave overnight, then wipe out with warm soapy water.
Most Helpful

This cleaned pretty good, although my oven was fairly clean, just a couple burned on spots. I still had to scrub them a little with a brillo pad. I probably won't use this again - it made my whole house smell of amonia. Thanks anyway.

Connie Lea October 10, 2009

Before I got my self-cleaning oven, I would use this recipe several times a year. It's not as stinky as EasyOff and it's easier to wipe out than EasyOff. Perhaps the other reviewer didn't notice that the oven temperature is 200 celsius - which is ~400F.

Deb Wolf June 24, 2009

I wonder why the other review didn't go through. Hmmm. Well what I said was I followed the directions exactly. I went to "wipe" out the oven this morning with warm soapy water and after very hard scrubbing then switching to a scouring pad then an SOS pad - I didn't feel the recipe did what it was supposed to. I will still have to go back to my commercial oven cleaner and reclean my oven. Sorry - the recipe didn't work for me. Tried for the November Aussie/NZ recipe swap.

Chef on the coast November 11, 2008