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This was pretty good! That's the review from both bf and me. But, I think this would have tasted much better to marinate first, before baking in the sauce. Upon first reading this, I thought it wasn't going to make enough sauce, even for 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts. So I doubled it. I only had tomato asuce so I used the 1 cup of tomato sauce + 1/2 cup water to make 2 cups of tomato juice. I also doubled the vinegar and salt, lemon juice, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. I only used 6 garlic cloves because a couple of them were large cloves. I used just over 1 white onion, diced. I only used 2 bay leaves (removed them from sauce after cooking), and just under 1 tsp cayenne. I ran out of Dijon mustard so used probably only 1 1/2 tbsp. After mixing this up I lightly sprayed a glass casserole dish with Pam, laid in the two chicken breasts and poured the sauce over. It turns out I had plenty of sauce, and I had to set half the doubled sauce aside (so I prob didn't need to double it after all). I covered the casserole and cooked on 325 degrees F for 65 minutes. I didn't baste the chicken as the breasts were smothered in the sauce. This was very, very tender, and had a nice tang. There were still bits of onion too, for a nice little crunch. The sauce remained thin, as you mentioned, and I was too lazy to thicken it up. It's a nice tangy, not-too-spicy sauce, with only a slight bit of sweetness from the brown sugar. I think that marinating this would have given the chicken more flavor. But the sauce was very good, I'll be saving what's left for future use. Thanks wildheart, I was craving an oven barbecue chicken recipe, this one worked pretty well. :)

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blancpage September 16, 2007
Oven Barbecue Sauce for Chicken or Ribs