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Aussie Swap #52: This recipe was very creamy and hearty and very easy to make! I love that I didn't have to stand over a stovetop - loved it!

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Mom2Rose June 01, 2011

Lalaloula thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I love risotto and this was splendid. Quick and so easy to make, it turned out perfect. Rich, tender and creamy. I'll be using this recipe for a long time to come. I really enjoyed the flavor of the rosemary and allspice in the dish, they complimented one another beautifully. I choose the apple juice option for my dh and didn't miss anything. I used, sweet red pepper, french shallots, zucchini, carrotes, sweet onion and I choose freshly shredded good quality parmesan cheese for a dish to remember.

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Baby Kato April 19, 2011

This turned out quite well, perhaps not as creamy as a traditional risotto, but close. I used one medium large onion, and that contributed a strong onion flavor, so you might want to consider how much onion to use. I used mushrooms and zucchini for the veggies. I made an error and used cold broth, so that after 25 minutes it was much too soupy. I put the dish in the microwave for 4 minutes and that got it down to the right consistency to finish the dish. I did opt for using white wine, and if you choose to use apple juice instead, then I suggest that you add a teaspoon of a mild vinegar - wine is slightly acidic, and using a bit of vinegar helps substitute for that.

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duonyte February 24, 2011
Oven-Baked Risotto (So Easy)