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Delicious, like the slight hint of wine, and considerably easier than the traditional technique. I have been eyeing up this recipe for some time and glad that I had the opportunity to review it as part of the Top Favorites Game of 2008. I chose to work with Variation 1 and enjoyed this for our lunch. I used a single portion size of canned peas and added it during the second phase of baking. For the second phase of being in the oven mine was in over 20 minutes-maybe I did not have something hot enough? Nuked the wine. Thanks for sharing an excellent recipe Maito. And notice that the NV include all variations' ingredients so this is healthier than it first appears.

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WiGal April 11, 2009

Darn close to the stirred kind . . . I just made the basic risotto with Parmesan cheese. The only thing I did differently was take the lazy way out . . . used my enameled cast-iron pot for the entire process (cut down on the clean-up). Pre-heated the lid in the oven, but used the pot to saute the onions, garlic and risotto. Then added 1/2 the white wine on the stove top. Heated the broth in the microwave and added to the pot and popped into the oven. After 18 minutes added the other 1/2 the wine and 1/2 the cheese. Next time I'll use your method to make my Smoked Gouda Risotto or Vidalia Onion Risotto. Thanks for sharing!

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Galley Wench August 15, 2008

We really enjoyed this delicious risotto -- it turned out creamy and just right. I elected to just add sauteed mushrooms as the added ingredient, in addition to, the parmesan cheese. Made for the FYC tag game.

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DailyInspiration March 26, 2015

I've made "real" risotto for years but recently, have been moving away from white rices. I bought some *brown* arborio rice which doesn't work for traditional risotto, but in the oven, it's a different story. It takes about an hour and a half to bake, but it works great. I also do the whole thing in my all metal 4qt. soup pot, even heating up the lid, as Galley Wench suggested and using it to weight down a piece of foil. Also, the brown rice lends itself to some stronger accompanying flavors, like cabbage and pancetta. Thanks for the idea.

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OliveLover August 25, 2009

Nice, quick and easy way to make risotto; especially for those times when other menu items need attention! I made variation 3 less the fennel (the store was out), and it turned out fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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Cook4_6 July 30, 2008
Oven-Baked Risotto (Several Variations)