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I have always been a breast or wing gal before but I wanted to find a good recipe to try for thigh meat. I didn't have the cayenne pepper or tumeric, used dry mustard in place of the tumeric. I did use cinnamon and think that it is essential to the wonderful taste of this recipe. I did take the skin off the chicken, saute' onions after frying the thighs, and baked in my toaster oven. My apartment smelled so delicious while this was cooking, ha, probably the whole building!! Oh, and this was so very easy to make. This was enjoyed leftover the next day (I do not eat leftover chicken usually) and lost no flavor! Thanks I'm cookin', good lookin! for posting this recipe. I will have some tumeric and cayenne next time this is made.

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sloe cooker March 19, 2011

The chicken was juicy and the aroma was great! But when i tasted the chicken it was SO bland....i guess i was expecting to have a flavor of sweet with a little kick but was unfortunatly disappointed....

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chef mommy pepitone June 10, 2010

Oh wow! I really enjoyed this! Reduced the recipe to use just one thigh but otherwise followed the recipe, including the cinnamon. Baked in my toaster oven. Will definitely be making this again.

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Okra May 27, 2010

Beautiful flavour combination! I made a simple gravy using the spice mix - I started with olive oil, added lemon juice, a bit of white wine and the spices. I coated the chicken with this sauce, then poured the whole thing on top of a bread stuffing I made really quickly - olive oil, onions, garlic, parsley, white wine and a whole grain baguette cut up into bite size pieces. An outstanding one-pot meal! I served it with a cucumber raita, and that really made the dish perfect. Thank you!

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rusticgirl November 29, 2009

This was made on 6/03/09 for the " Hot , Spicy, & Tasty " event in the Cooking Photo Forum. The recipe was made " sort of " like it was written, a combo of legs and thighs were used. And I didn't have the turmeric, so that was omitted. ( But the next time, I'll add it I promise. ;) ) Other than those changes, the recipe was made as written. The great spicy taste of this recipe made up for the fact that the chicken didn't get as crispy as I had hoped for. This will be made again. Thanks for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � June 04, 2009

i didn't have any gravy in mine. the aroma was wonderful, the meat was tasty but i was hoping it to be more juicier. all in all it was a good and really easy to make

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divs October 31, 2007

With all these spices, one would expect a burning tongue, but that is not what you get with this dish. While spicy, it is still very mild. Both hubby and I enjoyed it. It was VERY easy to prepare and the time in the oven was just right.<br/><br/>I recommend you use skin-on thighs. The browned and spiced skin is the best part of this dish. To keep all the spices, I sauteed some vegetables in the same pan I used for the chicken. They were nicely coated in the spices which added another flavor layer to them. (I did add some garlic and a tad more oil for the veges.)<br/><br/>I think it is fairly important to keep the ratio of spices equal to the number of chicken thighs. I followed the recipe exactly, and I think the ratio of spice to chicken was about right. Be aware that the chicken will brown much more than you are used to due to the spices, so keep an eye on the pan while browning the chicken. (Mine were quite dark, but not burned when done.) I was able to brown all 4 thighs easily in my 12 inch skillet. If your pan is smaller, you may need to brown the thighs in 2 batches to get the right crisp.

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Cook In Southwest October 17, 2014

I quadrupled this recipe, and used 8 huge chicken leg quarters. I found it delicious. I might have used a bit more salt, but other that than I loved the flavor. I served it on plain steamed rice because I got tired before cooking side dishes, but I think it would be awesome with a vegetable pilaf or something similar.

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Halima Dances March 21, 2014

I used a mixture of thighs and drumsticks and had about 10 pieces. I found that there was alot of spice leftover even though I really coated the pieces quite thickly. I liked the flavour and it was very juicy. We will make this again. Thank you!

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mums the word December 02, 2013

Simple recipe. The aroma was great while it was cooking. Somehow there was not enough "oomph" once I tasted the final product. There simply was not enough flavor for me. I will try this again, though, as I believe it is good, but has so much more potential, just not sure what I will change or add. Thanks for posting, I'm cookin', good lookin'!, this is quite simple.

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Garlic Chick November 16, 2013
Oven-Baked Chicken Thighs