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Originally rated on 4/3/09 - This recipe made it into my book#266453. This is going straight into my Best of 2009 Cookbook. Hands down the best burger I've ever had. I loved everything about it: the worcestershire and Montreal steak seasoning make for a very flavorful burger, without being an overwhelming taste; the grilled green onion mayo is absolutely awesome...LOVE it; and of course, who wouldn't love bacon and cheese INSIDE their burger?! The bacon stayed nice and crisp and kept its flavor. The cheese melted perfectly. I used shredded cheddar cheese (it's what we like and had on hand) and just estimated the amount for each burger. This recipe isn't too much more involved than grilling regular burgers and the flavor pay-off is priceless! ~Made for the April Aussie/NZ Swap~

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LifeIsGood December 31, 2009
Outside-In Bacon Cheeseburgers With Green Onion Mayo