Outrageous Egg-Free New Zealand Mayonnaise

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

We have this with cold meats and salads in the summer, really different to the eggy mayonnaise. My grandma invented this and my mum and aunties grew up on the stuff, it keeps really well in the fridge and is also great in sandwiches


  1. put the milk in a bowl.
  2. add the mustard.
  3. then a dollop of vinegar.
  4. mix.
  5. test taste.
  6. keep adding to taste small amounts at a time.
  7. you shouldn't be able to get the taste of condensed milk when you taste it, but something very unique.


Most Helpful

I can vouch for this unique recipe! Note that it is the "sweetened" condensed milk that you use. It keeps for ages in a jar in the fridge & can be thinned down with either milk, water or vinegar according to your taste buds. Yummy!

dempster January 31, 2009

Nestle actually invented it, many years ago

robyn win August 14, 2006

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