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My family loves potato salad, but am always weary about mayo based salads at BBqs and picnics. We usely opt for german style. This was wonderful and if the empty bowl is any indication, think that it will be The Potato salad of choice. Thank you for sharing.

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L DJ September 03, 2007

I'm very honored to be the first to review this delectable concotion Bill! Brother William and I work together for the same company and last week was our annual picnic/potluck bash. Bill had told me he was going to make this salad. I have tasted the grocery store version, so I was eager to try Bill's. It is a lovely marriage of ingredients, and the color combination of the green and red peppers, the black of the olives is very pleasing. Just a personal preference, I would use a smaller amount of Italian dressing when I make this, and believe me I will! This is THE perfect salad to make and transport in the dog days of summer! You can let it sit out without fear of it coming back to haunt you or your guests! Thanks again Bill!

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yooper August 30, 2007
Outdoor Potato Salad