Outback Croutons

Recipe by ryseone

Hi there folks. I used to be a hot-side and cold-side prep cook for Outback and I never signed a confidentiality agreement. Their loss is now your gain. I know all the recipe cards--you will, however, have to break some of them down. I will be making random posts revealing all the tricks. Let me know how you feel about it

Top Review by bethanyr25alias

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These (if you follow the recipe) are identical. I worked with a guy that used to be km at outback and all he would tell me was you just cook them in lots of butter. Though true, much was lacking from his instructions. I've made these three times already. And, if you wish you can make them and store them in ziplock bags. Do not refrigerate, they will get soggy. If you make these make extra, people start snacking on them as they are addicting. I would like to say to "chefyeahright" your review is disrespectful. You say you follow the recipe to the letter and then say you tweaked it and made them a second time letting them get stale first. His very first instruction tells you to leave them out overnight, the staler the better. You should remove your review or change your star rating as you did not follow instruction.<br/>Thanks again cold prep guy! My two favorites from outback are the croutons and the ranch dressing. I'm headed out now to buy buttermilk. I'll be sure to rate your dressing as well, but reading it I can tell it won't disappoint like most of the copycat recipes for outback ranch.

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  1. Take any amount of bread. Get an electric bread knife and then you can cut three rows one way four rows another. Let sit in open air overnight--the more stale they get the better to cook.
  2. Take a cookie sheet and evenly spread over so that none overlap.
  3. Heat oven to 250°. Place in oven for 30-45 minutes. They should have a yellow tint all the way through. Some will burn on edges. Shake cookie sheet to check evenness.
  4. Take 1 lb of butter and melt to mayo consistency--no more, no less--this is very important! Add to 1/2 cup of house seasoning.
  5. House seasoning from Outback is mostly paprika, dash of salt, some onion powder and garlic powder and a little bit of cayenne pepper.
  6. Then mince 1/4 cup garlic. The easy way is to buy cloves that are skinned and use a cheese shredder blade so that its flaky.
  7. Mix together in melted butter.
  8. Let crouton bread get room temperature and mix butter and toasted bread gently and evenly coat. Then stick it back in the oven at 275°F Cook for about 10 to 15 minutes or until most butter is cooked. It will always look like it is wet until it cools down for 20 minutes. Shake cookie sheet to see that it evenly coats.

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