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If this is the same exact recipe from The French Chef (I'm about to make it from the site), then it is THE BEST onion soup recipe I've ever had, homemade or restaurant. I'm using this site's version because I always used my mother's copy of The French Chef, and I don't have it handy on me. Most restaurant onion soups are too salty, sometimes to the point of being inedible, and I think they don't use or skimp on the wine, which gives it its rich, hearty flavor. One thing I've always done is substituted red wine (typically Marsala or Merlot), which gives it a dramatic, zesty edge. I'm also a sucker for using mozzarella cheese instead of swiss and parmesan. Since I now cook vegetarian, I'll be trying a non-beef beef substitute stock if I can find one here in Honolulu... if not, I'll just use veggie stock and add more wine!

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Anonymous September 28, 2015

Fabulous! I consider myself a connoisseur of French Onion Soup. I order it every where they serve it to rate it. This one is one of the best: "not too salty and the onions were not mushy." I'd add a few tblns of Cognac just before serving....

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1003214 October 26, 2008

Yum! This is a little more work than usual (at least to me, lol) for a French Onion soup, but it is well worth the extra attention. The onions are caramelized wonderfully to a deep, rich brown color that makes them so sweet and tender. The sherry really adds a new flavor dimension to this broth too. Thanks MMinMI for a great dinner. Made for PAC Fall 2008.

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lazyme September 30, 2008
Out of This World French Onion Soup