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Well I'll add my 5* to this one. It is perfect with a great robust flavor. Easy to follow directions & perfect to make on a busy day. The combo of ingerdients adds a "zing" to the meat as well as produces a tender dish.

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Iron Bloomers March 05, 2003

I can easily see you why this is your favorite italian beef because after trying it is has become ours as well. I started this early Sunday morning using a 3lb eye of round that I browned first as we like the addition flavors that browning provides. Threw everything into the crockpot and cooked about 10 hours till it all fell apart. I then put it in the fridge to await next evenings dinner. All the flavors intensified and dh said it was some of the best beef he has ever had. This is a really good winter meal that will be a repeat on my table several times in the next few months. You did really good Bratty!

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Just Cher November 19, 2002

Well Bratty 1 you’ve got yourself one fantastic recipe here! It’s appropriately named “Our Favorite Italian Beef”...because it is now “Our Favorite Italian Beef”. I made this with the recommended sirloin tip and it was awesome, such bold flavor from the peppers. Your right about it even tasting better after it’s frozen. I’m submitting a photo in gratitude of your sharing such a delicious recipe! Thanks again!

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HOUSEMANAGER (Charlene) January 07, 2003

Wow, this dish was exceptional. The roast I used was about 3#, and was cooked for about 12 hours total. I followed the recipe and directions as stated, and the result was incredibly tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth beef. I REALLY enjoyed this, but was pleasantly surprised that my "Picky Panel of Judges" gave it 5 stars! (Actually, my 6 year old gave it a 10!)

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Miss Kitty February 06, 2003

This recipe is a Knock Your Socks Off. A tried and true beef that has some kick to it. I started it at supper time, shredded it by bed time, placed beef back into the crockpot with the juices, put that in the refrigerator and in the morning all I had to do is put the liner of my crockpot in and set it and I was good to go. We served it over Chef Christian's Garlic Mashed Potatoes #53532 with a brocolli and cauiflouwer mix for our vegetable. I thickened the juices with cornstarch and water. Blended this in my crockpot and turned it to high and in 15 minutes the juices made a nice gravy. Thanks for posting.

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Audrey M February 06, 2003

I was lucky i got some of this before the dog I was sitting ate the rest. For the record he loved it! I really was looking forward to having the leftovers but it was not ot be, guess I have to make it again! Very good flavor and love the kick the juice gets.

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riffraff November 04, 2003

Excellent recipe for a great sammich. I suggest cooking the first 6-8 hours with milder peppers, then adjusting the heat level prior to the second round of cooking. Mine came out great for me, but others found the juice a bit too hot. Thanks for posting this bratty.

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Mark H. November 03, 2003

This was great. I even saved the juices and poured them over some leftover pot roast from my sister. It is a bit spicey for some members of my family so next time I am goingto make one batch without the pepperoncinis and one batch with them.

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Tracyech May 11, 2010

This is a very good recipe. I did not have 2 days to make it though. I cooked the roast on high for 4 hours, let it cool, shredded it, then let it cook another 4 hours on high. I made modifications to the recipe after reading the reviews. I drained the liquid from the pepperoncini peppers and the roasted red bell peppers. I also seeded and de-stemmed the pepperoncini. When I removed the roast after the first 4 hours, I used the immersion blender in the crock pot to blend the peppers with the cooking liquid. The juices were zingy but not overly hot. NOTE: I went to Dollar Tree and got the pepperoncini and roasted red peppers for a buck a jar.

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MakeDollarHoller December 06, 2009
our favorite italian beef