Otis Boyd’s Famous Hot Link Sausage

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Recipe by Chef Jeff Garland

Homemade Hot Links

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  1. Mix the meats with the spices.
  2. For sausage links, attach 2 1/4-inch sausage casings to the stuffer nozzle.
  3. on a hand meat grinder.
  4. Stuff the casings to the desired length, cut the links, and secure the ends with.
  5. string.
  6. Barbecue at 225 deg F for 2 hours or slow-smoke at 185deg F for 4 hours.
  7. For sausage patties,form the meat mixture into a roll and cover with wax paper. Slice the roll into patties and peel off the.
  8. wax paper. Patties can be fried or grilled.

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