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This was terrific! I don't like regular cheesecake b/c it's sooo sweet (even though I like all the ingredients). When I saw that this included almonds, I was hooked. As another reviewer mentioned, this is not very sweet by itself. I served it with lingonberry/raspberry sauce. (By the way, I used finely ground almonds b/c I did not know what else to use!)<br/>made for ZWT9 Soup-a-Stars

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Linky August 30, 2013

This is different than the cheesecake I'm familiar with, but good in it's own way. I had a problem with the baking of it, though. It started to get too brown after just 1/2 hour, then I covered it with foil. But it was still getting way too brown around the edges even then, so for the last 15 minutes I turned it down to 375. The edges were too done, and I ended up cutting them off, but after that, served with Fresh Blueberry Sauce, Fresh Blueberry Sauce , it was quite good. Perhaps a lower cooking temperature would change this outcome? It comes out pretty flat, so I piled 2 pieces together to serve. Also, I whirled the cottage cheese in the food processor to give it more of a smooth texture. (I admit this was to fool my grown daughter, who still doesn't like the texture of cottage cheese. Sneaky, huh?) Although I prefer a more traditional American-style cheesecake, this has the advantage of not being super sweet and so compliments a nice sweet fruit sauce really well!

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Chef PotPie August 05, 2013
Ostkaka (Swedish Cheesecake)