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Cook4_6 December 20, 2011

The actual flavour of this recipe is wonderful and it smells so great when cooking. I made as is except adding a little white wine to the sauce, I also served ours over a saffron risotto which was just our personal preference.. I have never cooked veal shanks before even though I have cooked several other cuts of veal and we do enjoy it. I must say that I do not know if it was just a bad batch that I bought or whether they are always so fatty but ours were extremely fatty. The meat that was on the bone was incredibly tender and just falling to pieces. I have given this recipe 5 stars as the recipe itself tastewise is awesome and the cooking times give you a truly tender fall apart piece of meat that just melts in your mouth.. However I do not think I would make this again with veal I would do lamb shanks next time and I think this would just be outstanding with lamb.. You would of course need to adjust the cooking times as lamb shanks are much larger than veal.. It really is a great recipe Kiwi Kathy and one that I will definitely be enjoying again, I will also try it with couscous as we love that too. I just happened to have a risotto recipe that I have wanted to try for ages so chose to do that instead.. As I said before I may have just got some really fatty pieces of meat but I do love the flavour of lamb so will look forward to trying this again using lamb.. Can highly recommend the recipe it is totally delicious and was a hit with us..

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The Flying Chef December 16, 2011
Osso Buco With Couscous