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Outstanding dish. I am almost rendered incapable of being able to describe this dish, the succulent, savory, smoothness of the shanks (in my case lamb) the bursts of tomato, the garlic, lemon, and tangerine undertones. The previous reviewer is correct, this is a wonderful, easy Osso Bucco recipe to start with, as well as the experienced cook; who will only delight in this beyond exemplary perfect dish. I have a old "Lodge" dutch oven, {that is as heavy as carrying a tons of bricks}, that is my well seasoned work horse of my kitchen. This kettle is like a n artist's palette, used to mix all ingredients, and proceeding to bring a beautiful picture to life. From the braising of the shanks, and macerating all the flavors as they developed over the 2 hours, it all roasted happily in my oven. I browned the shanks first, removed them of a bit, added vegetables, cooked until translucent, added garlic, herbs de province, wine, turkey stock, frozen whole tomatoes from my garden, and let it go on it's own journey. I did strain the juice afterwards, and I agree, there IS a certain "something" that makes the juices appear wonderful and warm. Truly a very special dish. This will remain at the top of my cooking journey for a long time to come. Thanks, Marra for a very special dish indeed.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm December 11, 2007

Oh wow. I am very lucky to live where I can easily get veal shanks cut to order, and have made osso bucco many times, but this really is a good version of it. (Honestly, I don't think there IS a bad version!) I loved the twist of the tangerine in the gremolata--that was a new one for me. Everything else in this recipe is classic--you cannot go wrong. And I actually prefer the sauce un-strained. (I like the veggie chunks with the risotto, which is de rigueur with osso bucco) If this is your first time trying osso bucco, you can't go wrong with this. And do not, under any circumstances, let that wonderful marrow go to waste! MMmmmm.....

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DeeCooks August 19, 2007
Osso Bucco (Veal Shanks) With Lemon/Tangerine Gremolata