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I used to buy the frozen Skyline Chili, but no more. I've made this at least 3 times, and yes it is great on hot dogs. Thank You for such great recipe.

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Naturelover March 08, 2010

I've made this so many times since I found the recipe. It's my standard go to. My partner and I love it. Agree with others to ignore the very unhelpful and rude comments by evelync1985

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Chef-Boy-I-Be Illinois September 06, 2012

I think I'm in love with Bone Man! Being a native born California girl and never been to Cincinnati, I have nothing to compare this with, but this chili is wonderful. It's so different from the other chili dished I've made over the years but so favorable. Because several people were going to be eating this, I didn't add any jalapeno peppers while it was cooking but had some on the table for those that wanted to add another layer of taste. This won't be the last time I make this. I wouldn't change a thing to this fantastic chili.

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Chattes October 12, 2009

Bravo! Thanks Bone Man for a most authentic Cincy chili experience. We had it three way and had enough left over to freeze for some Cincy chili dogs later. Well worth the work and highly recommended. Don't change a thing... Bone-Man's got it spot on!

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Slim PA November 25, 2008

We really enjoyed this chili. But, I was a bit concered about all the fat/grease - I spent a lot of time skimming it off. Could have been my meat (I did use ground chuck). Next time I think I will pre-cook the ground chuck a bit and drain the fat before adding the broth. Thank you so much!

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KJK #5 September 17, 2007

Loved it!!! 5 Stars (can't get them to work) I think Evelync1985 better go to the Skyline menu on their website and read again - do I see beans!! Also try the Goldstar and Empress sites.Most all the restaurants have the bottle of Tabasco one the tables!!I have to be honest - it has been awhile since I sat down at one - I use carry out as I have to work, but I'm sure those bottles are still there. There was an Empress that had another hot sauce and I can't remember the name! Cincinnati Chili is a unique chili and once you have it - you get a craving - sort of like White Castles,Montgomery Inn ribs and Graeters Ice Cream. I was born & raised here in Cincy, so I know my chili!! Bone Man- I always thought Empress was named for the OLD Empress burlesque theater- there were 2 the Empress & the Gaiety - you probably aren't old enough to remember!! Anyway that's the story the present owner of Empress tells. Love your chili , as I do most of your recipes. Thanks.

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Liza Sunnenberg August 07, 2007

Excellent recipe. Thank you Bone Man. I used to live in Tulsa, OK and one of the little restaurants served this and I enjoyed it. It has a unique flavor and it is a comfort food in our household. I am sorry for the hurtful and unhelpful comments from "evelync1985". It is unfortunate that people do not have more tact and humility for others. I urge this review to be ignored.

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Petite Mommy January 11, 2006

I had not experienced Cincinnati Chili, but had read about it. It definitely isn't the Texas chili I am used to. =) The flavor reminded me alot of the wonderful meat mixture in pastitsio. It is still HOT here in Texas so I first cooked the meat in the stock on the stovetop, then transferred to the crockpot. After that I followed the instructions exactly. I did cut this in half, but won't next time. I plan to make the whole batch & freeze some for later use. This does take a long time to prepare but the results are worth it. Thank you Bone Man for sharing this keeper of a recipe with us!

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Susie D September 29, 2005

I am sorry to tell you that a 3 way is not chili cheese and onions. Also, Tabasco is not the standard sauce---nor does it come on a 3 way. Also sorry to let you know that Cincinnati style chili does not contain beans. This might be good chili, but it is not Cincinnati chili. Perhaps you would do well to check the Skyline website and correct your recipe. It might be more enjoyable then. But then again, maybe not. But at least now you know.

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evelync1985 September 13, 2005
Ospidillo Cafe Cincinnati Chili No. 2