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This was my first time ever making this, but the recipe was pretty easy to follow. I did use the fat from the lamb instead of cooking oil, and it did make the dish very rich & heavy. It took me a while to make it, but only because I was being very careful to follow the directions exactly. It did make a huge batch, and I'll make sure to cut it down the next time.

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LilBit6_2 July 31, 2011

I had done some thorough research on various Plov recipes and all seemed very similar in the basic preparation- many of them were for large portions however. This portion fed us with enough leftovers for tomorrow's dinner too! It was my first time doing plov, but I enjoyed making it, and it turned out well. The only thing I did differently was soaking the rice in water with 1tbsp salt after washing it to give some base flavor before adding it to the meat and vegetables.

As I was in a bit of a hurry, I wasn't able to do the zirvak as browned as I wanted to, but I definitely know what to do for the next time I make this. I also used beef in my preparation, as lamb was not available. Very substantial and very delicious!

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Rätsel Feinschmecker July 18, 2011

I spent some time in Tajikistan and this is pretty close to Tajik Osh. There were a few things I modified (or will modify next time). - I used beef instead of lamb (Lamb is hard to come by where I'm at). Wish I had access to some dumba (lamb butt fat), that would help flavor the dish. - I wasn't used to all the spice! Tajik Osh is more mild so I think I'd drop the pepper flakes and do 1/2t of pepper next time. - my rice got pretty sticky and I'm assuming I either let it rest too long (something the Tajik's say is a must) or there wasn't enough oil. The common saying is "it's not good osh unless oil is dripping from your elbow" (that's assuming you're eating with hands and not a fork). - I had to add a LOT of extra salt. I'm guessing I was close to 1 Tablespoon and not the teaspoon suggested. I remember Tajik osh would be full of flavor but you'd be drinking water (or RC Cola) all evening. :) Otherwise I loved the flavor! The only thing I was missing was good ole' naan. I'm going to keep trying this recipe and hopefully perfect a copy of Tajik osh. Thanks for putting this into American units and giving us the opportunity to make the Central Asian staple.

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miller.nw April 24, 2010

I love plov. I used to make it differently - rice were cooked separated, added tomato paste... Now i will use this recipe! It is easy to make, easy to follow steps. I made it toddler friendly - with ground lamb and grated carrots. It was great! Thank you for the recipe!

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Ilze March 25, 2010

YAY!!! PLOV!!! THE BEST comfort food! My husband and I lived/worked in Kazakhstan and happily ate this dish weekly...we were dying for a recipe using american ingredients- this comes quite close to the plov my beloved second mama in Aktobe made for us :) It is now on our weekly rotation again, Thank you!!! Let's break out some shubat too! :) Jack and Dawn

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JackandDawn January 28, 2008
Osh / Plov - Uzbek / Central-Asian Rice