Orzo Shrimp Salad

Total Time
20 mins
1 min

This salad is an ideal summer supper or buffet offering---colorful, tasty, and easy to prepare.

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  1. In large pot heat water to boiling, add orzo to water and cook until al dente: Drain: Rinse & set aside.
  2. In large bowl add shrimp, both bell peppers, green onions, & cilantro.
  3. In food processor make dressing by first pulsing garlic until it is finely minced.
  4. Add yogurt, salt and pepper, Dijon, sugar; pulse until smooth.
  5. Reserving half of dressing, pour half over shrimp & vegetables in bowl.
  6. Add orzo and parmesan, stir well, and refrigerate 1 hour.
  7. Before serving stir in reserved half of dressing.