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Terrificalness! Let it rest in the refrigerator for a few hours to meld the flavors. Serve with some crunchy crackers. Tastes really oriental.

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Clifford Boren December 20, 2002

OMG, this is a truly MAGNIFICENT salad!!! I used imitation crab meat, and made the salad 2 hours before serving. I agree that the prep. time is a little longer than listed, but no biggie. I added a bit of fresh ground black pepper. I can't wait to try this again with shrimp!!! Excellent recipe! Thanks for posting! ~Manda

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Manda September 12, 2002

This is a really delicious recipe. I found the taste to be very Asian with the ginger, soy and sesame oil. I did find that the prep time was at least double , if not triple the 15 minutes listed. The veggies and spices need dicing and chopping, which is fiddly, but absolutely worth it. Also, I would recommend making this a bit ahead, so the shrimp (or whatever seafood you use) has a chance to pick up the flacour of the dressing. I would absolutely make this again. A big hit.

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lizeroo July 14, 2002

Very good salad! The sesame oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and teriyaki sauce give a really nice Asian flavour. I made this the night before and brought it on a picnic. I used whole wheat spaghetti, shrimp (only half a pound), red peppers, green peppers, grated carrot, slivered radishes and peas. I didn't have any cilantro so I substituted parsley. It was an excellent main dish salad and I will definitely be keeping this recipe -- it's a perfect cold meal on a hot day!

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cpenner June 22, 2003

I thought this was a very good low fat pasta salad. DH didn't really like it, so I removed one star. I think his issue is that we usually don't eat too many oriental salads, and it was just too different. Made it as a low fat alternative for a day with friends at the lake. I used 1 lb shrimp, shredded carrots, 1 red and 1 orange bell pepper, tiny broccoli florets, and a few slivered radishes. Made mine the night before and by lunch time all of the sauce had been soaked up, leaving my pasta salad on the dry side. Next time I would likely double the wet ingredients b/c I like to add so many veggies. Might also increase the lemon and ginger as nobody could really taste those elements...which is the most refreshing part of the salad. Oh yes, my "health conscious" friend that loves all kinds of foods thought this was fantastic! Will make it again for sure. Thanks for posting!

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Messie Chef May 27, 2008
Oriental Seafood Pasta Salad