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Great method for roasting chicken. It was SO moist and tender, like butter. The marinade was a bit sweet for my taste but Dh's dinner plate was stacked with chicken bones. He REALLY liked this. When I remarked that I supposed he would give it five stars, he said, "No-20. Is there any more?" We both thought the bok choy was delicious. I braised it with some of the finished gravy and added a few of the roasted shallots and garlic, which I crushed into the braising liquid. I stuffed some of the shallots and garlic cloves inside the chicken but those didn't get done. Only the shallots and garlic cooked outside the chicken were soft and finished. I will definitely use this method again.

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sugarpea September 26, 2003

You can use leeks as a roasting rack for the chicken. Place the leeks in the bottom of the baking dish with a little stock. Top with the chicken and roast till the meat is tender as directed. Serve the leek-flavoured chicken with the leeks. Nice variation.

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KitchenManiac May 17, 2003
Oriental Roasted Stuffed Chicken