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I just looooove the flavor of the Oriental flavor ramen, but don't want the MSG or high salt. Here is a copycat that tastes just like it, without the sodium. I use it in everything now, and add salt to taste.


  1. Mix all together, and store in an airtight container.
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This was really good but beware the amount of pepper! I used only 1 Tbsp and even that was too much. By the way, did I miss something or does the recipe state anywhere how much to seasoning to use per serving? I ended up using 1 teaspoon for a standard package of ramen noodles and it came out perfect. I like shrimp ramen so I used a little clam base in the water and I added a few shakes of soy sauce. It was yummy!

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I used 1/4 teaspoon of the powders with a dash of pepper for one pack of noodles. I did add a low salt chicken bullion cube, but it had to be less sodium than the little included packet. It tasted very good.

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The seasoning was good, but I added 1/2 t of Chinese Five Spice Powder and 1/2 t of salt. It seemed more like the Ramen seasoning that way. Like another reviewer said, I used 1 t of the blend to a packet of Ramen and it was great. I did use the basic seasoning blend and made fried rice using cold steamed white rice, soy sauce. a scrambled egg and mixed frozen veggies and it ROCKED!