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This was delicious, economical, and simple to put together. I used 1/2 ramen noodle from inexpensive ramen in a bag. I undercooked the ramen a bit and this worked out perfectly for this salad. I made this for 2 servings and the the serving size was right on. After making the dressing, I decided it really needed some sweetness and added about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp sugar to counteract the acidity. Without the sugar, it was too sharp for my taste. If you are using the seasoned vinegar you many not need the added sugar. I used regular rice vinegar. Also added was julienned cucumber for more crunch. Since I could not eat all of it at one sitting I kept half in the refrigerator. Surprisingly the taste improved after it sat with the dressing already on. Garlic mellowed and noodles soaked in the dressing very nicely without becoming limp. Another change I'll be making when this gets made again is sprinkling sesame seeds to the finished product. Thank you Nasseh for posting this recipe. Made for Asian forum's unrated Asian recipe tag.

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Rinshinomori August 07, 2009
Oriental Noodle & Crab Salad