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I'm giving these a 5 for concept and ease. I have some suggestions for people trying this recipe though... We found these mini-loaves a lil' too salty. I reccommend using lite or low-sodium soya sauce in the meatloaves. I used milk instead of evaporated milk and it comes out fine. Beef substitutes well for the ground turkey/chicken. The crunch of the water chestnuts had to be explained to those at the table (otherwise they didn't know /WHAT/ the crunchy thing was that they were biting into.) The sauce for the loaves was lovely and has possibilities for use in other dishes.

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MapleLeafLili Hill April 04, 2003

God bless you for posting a chicken dish that Ron actually ate & wanted 2 nights in a row !! Adorable-looking little baby meatloafs -- came out brown & toasty. Easy & fast preparation. Sauce to die for. Might add a bit of black pepper to the chicken mixture next time. Bless you.

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sparky955 April 15, 2003

I was looking thru Zaar for a quick and easy dinner to make with ground turkey and came upon this wonderful recipe. I didn't have water chestnuts or evaporated milk, so I eliminated them. I also used regular onion instead of green onions. These were filling and satisfying and will be making these again! Thank you for this great recipe!

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Husky Brigade July 12, 2010

My husband and I thought that this recipe was OK, but a little odd. Both the meatloaves themselves as well as the sauce were extremely salty, even though I used low-sodium soy sauce. We used ground chicken. I followed recipe directions exactly, and they were easy to make. Perhaps they might have worked better with ground turkey or maybe ground beef, and with less soy sauce. These looked so good, I'm sorry they didn't work for us. Thanks for sharing, though.

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AndreaVT96 January 06, 2008

I've done this a few times now and it is our current fave way to have meatloaf. I have done it with ground beef as well as with ground chicken and/or turkey. The water chestnuts are a brilliant addition. I typically use minced yellow onion instead of the green onions, just because that is what I usually have on hand. I sometimes make the sauce, sometimes not. And I don't always make them mini, just do a big loaf and bake for 10 minutes longer. Very easy and tasty.

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SolightlyUK October 26, 2003

This recipe was FABULOUS. I omitted the water chestnuts (not a fan) and went a little heavy on the green onion to compensate. The sauce is really good, and so simple to make.

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kadiprimo April 12, 2012

Mixed reviews on this.. I thought they were great. Perhaps because it was not the "norm" for my family (they were expecting traditional meatloaf), they looked at it with reluctance. After I finished making, I looked at the recipe and realized I forgot the chicken bullion, I don't use this anyway, but I can see where it would make them extremely salty! Leave them out altogether & use low sodium soy sauce, I think they'll be a crowd pleaser!
I didn't make it into mini muffins, rather I combined everything in the food processor (my water chestnuts were whole and I didn't care to chop them up) and placed in a greased 8x8 pan, glazed, covered and baked until done. I did add a bit of ground ginger & black pepper as another reviewer mentioned to the meat & the glaze; to the glaze I added a few drops of sesame oil, decreased the honey a bit. I think that these would make fab appetizers garnished with green onions & sesame seeds with the glaze for dipping on the side!
It was very moist & flavorful. I will make these again, for a work potluck! Thanks for sharing :)

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Larawithoutau April 10, 2012

We really enjoyed this recipie - made it using ground chicken as it was on sale. I made it in meatball shape since I knew the kids would enjoy that and doubled the sauce and used 2 lb meat and more panko than called for. Will make again - thanks.

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Born2cook April 30, 2011

This was a very nice change from other ground beef recipes. Substituted celery for water chestnuts as I was out & worked out fine. The sauce is excellent! Everything went together easily and I recommend to experienced and beginning cooks/chefs. Thanks for sharing!

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Southern Lady September 06, 2010

There were mixed reviews on this one. I really liked these. My husband (who doesn't like meatloaf anyway) didn't like these. My 2 year old happily ate her "muffin," but my 4 year old took a bite and wouldn't eat anymore. I added 1 Tbsp. fresh ground ginger along with 1/4 cup minced cilantro. I thought they both made nice additions. I would agree that these were slightly too salty, so I might lessen the soy sauce if I make these again. Steamed edamame, steamed rice, and mandarin oranges nicely rounded out the meal.

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ShaGun July 29, 2010
Oriental Mini Meatloaves With Honey Garlic Sauce