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I loved these. We went to a Thai dinner party and I was to bring a plate as a starter. I thought this recipe was a little adventurous for me, but with a little help with the rolling (a fly on the wall would have had a laugh as my husband and I negotiated the rolling together) I was pleased with the outcome. Very tasty and they look interesting too.

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mummasgirl July 22, 2006

These are addicting. You know the "fifth taste," umami? There's sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, and then there's this fifth, savory taste that human beings crave. This dish is an intense punch of that flavor. I ate the whole recipe myself in one night, before dinner. I do think that this recipe is about 98% of the way to 5 stars -- I felt like it needed a touch of herbs or something to balance the flavor a bit, maybe a bit of green onion added to the chicken, or a bit of chopped vegetable (perhaps the spinach that was also a contest ingredient?) with the chicken; I don't know. I thought the step of beating the egg white seemed odd, but it actually gave the omelet a really cool texture. It was hard to get it to spread much in the pan, though, which made me wonder if the cornstarch was necessary. Maybe my pan was just too big. I also found that simmering the chicken that long made it a bit tough, which could perhaps be solved by reducing the amounts of the liquids - or again, maybe it was my pan. It also didn't say when to add the onion. I added it with the garlic and chicken. Anyway, I'm giving 4 stars, but I'm saying "wow, wow, wow," and wishing I had some more -- I may try it again, making a few changes.

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Nose March 02, 2005
Oriental Finger Food, Rolled Chicken & Mushroom Omelette