Oriental Cucumber Salad

Total Time
2 hrs
0 mins

A nice refreshing accompaniment to sates, dim sum, mu shu wrappers, and bulgoki.

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  1. Blend together sesame oil, honey, soy sauce, vinegar, and pepper flakes.
  2. Stir cucumbers and onions into the mixture, and pour all into a ziploc bag, removing excess air, so salad marinates well.
  3. Marinate salad several hours or overnight.
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I just don't understand how the amount written is enough for 6 people. I multiply by 4.

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This is a "saver" and goes into my Company's coming cookbook. The cucumber stays crunchy and what a great flavor. I served it with Sushi. The whole bowl disappeared. Thanks Sue for another great recipe

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A very tasty accompaniment to Grilled Chicken Satay! Also great as a delicious alternative to the usual mixed greens salad we serve most often. I rated this recipe four stars instead of five, because I found the serving size a bit paltry for my heartier appettite.