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This was very easy to make, I didn't use the crockpot, I just combined them all in a saucepan. It all took about 20 min., just enough time to cook Minute Rice. I added 1tsp. of szechuan sauce to it to give it a little kick. The family loved this one. I will be making it again.

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Amy Kirby March 04, 2004

The soy sauce definately gave this recipe the oriental flavor, I love soy sauce but not too much in this recipe. But the meat turned out tebnder and delicious. Good idea using the gravy packet.

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Michele October 10, 2013

First...I think the nutritional facts might be too low (even before calculating the gravy). Second, I made these like Amy (in the saucepan) and except for my own stupid idea of "salting before tasting" it would have been really tasty. DON'T SEASON UNTIL IT'S DONE AND YOU'VE TASTED IT. My hubby was working late so I made this in two batches (luckily). Mine was WAY too salty of course...but by the time I made my his it came out really good! (Figures.) I also failed to purchase the 'low-sodium' version of soy sauce so that probably would have made a world of difference. One more thing...I made mine over rice and his over mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes wins! Thanks Shelli!

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jVo April 12, 2007
Oriental Beef Strips