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My kids really liked this but asked not to include the crunchy white things (water chestnuts) next time. Any recipe that my older daughter likes is a miracle! She's very picky! I understand the comment about needing more sauce .. it seemed bland, but I think that was only because the title indicated spicey and oriental (heavy sauces typically). It wasn't spicey here (maybe cuz our ginger was an older spice in the cupboard). But I tried to decide if I would change anything and decided not to - it was light and very enjoyable as is. If you get your mind prepared for a lighter dish and ignore the title - you will probably not think it needs a sauce! But if you do, maybe a Hoisin sauce on the side would work for those that want it. Thanks for sharing your recipe -- it's a fun one!

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Make It Easy! September 29, 2005

Three people gave this a 5 star rating 2 people a 4 star rating. The 2 4-star people said it needed more sauce and then it would be a 5 star. I agreed to use more sauce next time.

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pathale July 29, 2005
Oriental Beef and Spaghetti Pie (spicy)