Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is really good for between patio stones or rock areas that tend to sprout weeds. Do not use it on your lawn. The weeds will grow back but then just spray them again


  1. Mix ingredients together and spray on the weeds- Ho Ho goodbye weeds.
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Thanks so much, Bergy! I have been using this(a combo of white vinegar, Lux Liquid and salt) and it works like magic! Very good recipe; one I'd hope many give a try to.

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Salt is terrible for your soil. Chemicals in the standard sprays degrade within a month or so. Salt never does. So though you don't want your kid or pet to drink it from the bottle, relatively soon after use your weeds are dead down to the roots, and the chemicals are gone from your soil. However, salting the dirt ruins the garden.

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This is fantastic. Mixed up a batch right in a spray bottle and sprayed my cobblestone walk way. The grass and weeds had wilted less than 2 hours later! I'm very impressed with the price (CHEAP!) and the lack of harmful chemicals. Will be making this regurarly!