Oreo Turkeys (Thanksgiving Snack)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

These are cute little turkeys made out of oreo cookies and candy pieces. They are even easy enough for young children to help make. Gobble! Gobble!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 Oreo Double Stuff cookies
  • 1 malted milk balls (like a whopper)
  • 4 -6 candy corn
  • icing (optional)


  1. Take 1 oreo apart. This will be the base.
  2. Place the whole oreo on its side on the base, so that it sticks to white of the oreo.
  3. In front of the oreo on its side, place a malted-milk ball for the turkeys head.
  4. Place candy corn, points down, in between the oreo cookie that is standing on it's side.
  5. Use icing for eyes and waddle if you want.


Most Helpful

Had to make them without double stuff Oreos, but they worked great anyway. Kids had lots of fun!

~Srb~ November 27, 2010

These are adorable and simple enough for our 4-year old granddaughter to make, and enough fun for the 8 and 11 yr olds, too. IMPORTANT TIP! If you are planning to make these for Thanksgiving, BUY THE CANDY CORN AT HALLOWEEN. Two weeks before Thanksgiving I have searched in 8 different stores for candy corn -- no luck. Grocery stores and drug stores do not stock this candy once Halloween is over. Lucky me, I was able to finally score some candy corn at a local restaurant whose initals begin with CB and they have an old-fashioned gift shop attached to the restaurant. The candy corn was on close-out, but at least I found some! My advice to everyone is PLAN AHEAD to purchase the candy corn in October if you want to make these in November! So cute and fun to make....5 stars!

M'mei November 24, 2010

Too cute! I couldn't resist! I made these to take w/ me to DS's for my grandsons. I used a couple of ideas from a similar recipe for this turkey, subbing Rollo's for the mini peanut butter cups b/c of a grandson's peanut allergy. I split one Oreo double stuff and, after putting in the candy corn tail feathers, sat the "tail" firmly into the white filling of the split cookie. I dabbed a bit of chocolate frosting onto the bottom and one side of the Rollo and "glued" it to the "tail" and the white "snow-covered" ground. "Glued" the malted milk ball onto the Rollo. I noticed that some of the candy corn didn't have the white tip so I broke of the orange tips for the "beaks"... which I "glued" on w/ the frosting. By this time the turkeys were starting to get some personality! I used yellow gel to make "feet" on the "snow" under the turkeys. I used red decorating gel to make the "snoods" and "wattles" across the "beak" and hanging down one side. I used blue decorating gel to make "eye"... too cute. The blue didn't show up as blue b/c of the dark background of the malted milk ball... but they're great! My DD who dropped by w/ my granddaughters LOVED them and I had to send two home for the girls. I'm sure they're going to be a HUGE hit when I get to my son's house for Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

Impera_Magna November 20, 2006

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