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I cannot give this a better review?! I LOVED making these! I found this recipe for a Christmas get together and it got the reaction that I was hoping for. Another family member thinks she is the queen of snacks and sweets, but her Puppy Chow went untouched as my truffles flew off the serving tray! It was a heavenly treat that I will include in my sweet treat recipe box. I plan on out-doing her every holiday from now on.... :)

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KatyMomma March 17, 2010

I had another recipe for these that did not have the vanilla flavoring. The question I had- do you take out the oreo creme filling or leave it in- I left it in and they turned out perfectly. Also- if your cream cheese is at room temp- put the oreos in the food processor, grind until a fine crumb- then add the cream cheese in chunks and it will mix right in there. And to save time- use the small pampered chef scoop to make the balls!! Excellent!

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sno42480 September 11, 2008

I followed this recipe to the T and found the center to be too mushy. Was hoping for a more creamy center. They really tasted just like an Oreo. If I want an Oreo, I will eat one. A lot of work and kind of pricey to make. If there is a next time, I think I will cut down on the Oreo filling and have it be more creamy.

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Sugarpiehoneybunch March 23, 2010

I've made these a few time now and they are always a hit! Here are a few tips and changes I made. Once I mix the cookies and cream cheese together I put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden a bit. It makes it easier to roll. I also use a small size scooper to make them uniform in size. Once the balls are rolled, I put them in the fridge to set. This will help them retain their shape. When dipping, I find it easier to use a spoon to cover the truffle in chocolate and a plastic fork with the two middle prongs removed to remove the truffle from the chocolate. The last time I tried this I used Dare coconut creme cookies and coated them in white chocolate...soooooo good! My next ones will be with mint chocolate Oreos. Enjoy!

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Markusinbc July 02, 2013

Made these again this year, left out any extract because I didn't have any and they turned out awesome. I also made one with the mint oreos they have it, and those came out amazing! Instead of dipping in chocolate, I just rolled these (or rather, my 3 year old did) in chocolate sprinkles. I like the crunch they give! ---
These are DEFINITELY for a chocolate lover. They are delicious but it did take me a few thousand years to make them, however this was my first ever dipping chocolate or anything like that. They came out very pretty.. I dipped them in milk chocolate and then just melted some white frosting and added red and greed food coloring and they look divine. :) Everyone who has had one so far loved it! Thanks for posting.

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Christina Sue December 22, 2010

Chef #1179707,

If your chocolate went into the frosting looking stage it means that it has burnt. Try melting your chocolate at a lower heat, or in a double boiler or by doing 30 second zaps in your microwave. Hope this helps. xox

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evelindsey December 14, 2010

Chef #1179707

If you by White Chocolate Tollhouse Morcels they will not melt as well as a "melting" white chocolate maybe bought from a local candy shop or even from Micheals. (Not sure where you live & if you are familiar with Michael's but it is a craft store & they sell melting chocolate in all colors.)

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JessicaStambach December 14, 2010

I made Cupcake Pops (Or Bites) ....Cupcake Bites....and thought that the oreo truffle filling would taste great...so I used your recipe for filling with their cupcake inspiration :) Great Mothers Day gifts ~ Thank you

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Chez Michelle May 09, 2010

Don't usually review recipes I find online but these were incredible! So easy to make and my guinea pigs gave great reviews! Made some with ginger biscuits instead of Oreos and dusted with cinnamon after the choc - heavenly!!

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Jemma B. November 19, 2013

These. Were. Fantastic. I made a couple of changes though I think will help some people out. for one, in canada, our oreo boxes are 350g. a 450g box is 1lb, so I only used 3/4 of the brick of cream cheese (this could be why some people got mushy centres; I imagine if i had used all the cream cheese it would have been a bit gooey). Also, I used reduced fat oreos and reduced fat cream cheese, and it didn't seem to affect the taste at all. For my -canadian- oreo to cream cheese ratio, I used 2 cups milk chocolate to coat. I did not drizzle any extra chocolate on top due to lack of time. They were just amazing. Impossible to eat just one!

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I Can't Believe It's Healthy December 20, 2011
Oreo Truffles