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Made this today because I was feeling under the weather and had a taste for minty comfort food. I halved the recipe, since it was just me enjoying it, and had to made a few changes: I used vanilla rice milk instead of cow's milk (allergy), Trader Joe's organic dairy-free chocolate syrup, and omitted the cool whip because I had none in the house. This has a very nice, *rich* flavor -- the mint comes through quite strongly, but not overpoweringly so -- but I had a strange problem with the consistency. For the Oreos, I used pre-crushed bits (my roomie brough home a bag of the stuff, and we've been trying to use it up), so maybe I miscalculated the amount of Oreo bits to use... but I think that it more likely was a result of a chemical reaction of some sort caused by the rice milk combined with the pure peppermint extract. Whatever the cause, as soon as it got hot, it started to *really* thicken, and very quickly so -- to the point that it was a step away from being more like a syrup than a drink! The flavor was still excellent, though I do think next time I would reduce the amount of chocolate syrup as it's a bit too rich for my taste. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Lynne the Pirate Queen January 22, 2009
Oreo Mint Cocoa