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These were so fun to make and they went over really well with the young women at church. I did stick the Oreo's in the oven for just a minute to soften them before putting the lollipop sticks in. Then I put them right in the freezer to harden. I used vanilla melt wafers to dip and it was super easy and I had absolutely no problem with anything falling apart. Thanks so much for this fun idea!

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MaMa's Apprentice February 11, 2009

Made these with my best friends daughter and it was so much fun. She had a great time giving them out and everyone just raved. We used candy coating and sprinkles and M&M's. Too cute!

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jredheadedwoman3 December 28, 2008

This was such fun!!! The kids and I put this together for a father's day gift. They turned out wonderful. I used candy coating that I got at the craft store. I also used m&m's and some kissables. I will be making this again and again. Can't wait for the difderent holidays. I will also be trying milk chocolate as well.

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bbblampwork June 15, 2008

We made these for my son's preschool snack today. They are a little awkward to put together. I took the advice of some fellow reviewers--microwaved the cookies for 15 seconds on half power, then stuck the sticks into them. Many of them cracked when I put the stick in. However, I just gently pressed them back together. Then, I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. I coated them in almond bark. We decorated them with M&Ms to look like spring flowers. They turned out really cute. The kids had so much fun making these. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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Auvan May 13, 2008

How much easier can this possibly get?! I am notorious for always making any craft project much harder than it should be, but this was child's play. I inserted hollow lollipop sticks into each oreo, then froze them for about 10 minutes. While they were freezing, I melted my chocolate (half white, half milk Wilton brand melts), then took out half the cookies at a time to dunk. I will say that the milk chocolate was much better for dunking and it was easy to get a really nice, smooth professional look than the white chocolate. Sprinkled both with valentine garnishments and can't wait to wrap up and gift to DH tomorrow. I think next time I'll just do the milk chocolate- and this will become my staple gift for many! Thanks!

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Houseblend February 13, 2008

Made these for my daughter kindergarten snack (too bad they cancelled school) - now we have to eat them all!! LOL They turned out great!

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Mom2Rose February 08, 2008

Let me start by saying, I'm NOT very artsy crafty (even if this review may sound a little like I'm fibbing to some, LOL), but the temptation to try this 'recipe' just took me over, LOL! After a little research and then obtaining all the supplies, I did 3 batches over 6 hours and was pretty happy with the results! I used vanilla 'candy melts' (1 pound), rather than white chocolate chips, which I melted in a Chocolatiere electric melting pot (well worth the $25 investment!) I used 'double stuff' oreos (10 per batch) and carefully inserted a lollipop stick (from the craft store) through the center of the white filling almost until it met the opposite side, for each cookie...I dipped one half/side in the white chocolate candy melts, then chilled to set in the fridge for 20 min...After the first half/side set, I dipped the other half/side of the cookie in the chocolate, sprinkled immediately with all different kinds of sprinkles and returned again to the fridge to chill to set...I also bought clear little baggies and silver colored twist ties to cover the 'oreo lollipop'... I repeated this process with 2 more batches (10 pops each)...For the 2nd batch, instead of sprinkles, I placed red and green M&Ms similar to how Goochie137 shows in her photo for this recipe (like a 'flower')...For the 3rd batch I used pink M&Ms (again like a 'flower') for breast cancer awareness...Needless to say, when I arrived at the bake sale they descended upon me like crazy people and barely let me 'display' them before buying them all at $1 PER lollipop (30 total)! Thank you for tempting me with something I might not have ordinarily tried to do! Thanks for sharing!

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Cookin'withGas December 19, 2007

These were really nice with the white chocolate tying in well with the Oreo cookie flavour. I admit I had problems getting them to stay together but unfortunately the useful hints posted by other reviewers came too late to save me! I would definitely recommend freezing the cookies to keep the sticks in.By the way, I couldn't get Popsicle sticks here so I begged the Starbucks girls to give me some wooden coffee stick stirrers and they were fine if a little tall. Once the cookies were in the fridge everything was fine and they lasted for weeks.

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Perfectionist cook September 28, 2007

My 9 year old daughter and I made these to take to a BBQ as a combination 'Hostess' gift (instead of real flowers or wine) and dessert for the kiddies! We made a combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate flowers and arranged them in a vase and wrapped cellophane around and tied it all up with white curling ribbon! They were a HUGE success!!! Thanks for a very 'neat' idea that we will make again and again!

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City_Gurl September 23, 2007

These make for a nice gift for teachers and bosses... I put my oreos on cookie sheets, pop them in a low oven for a fe minutes to soften the middles and then put the Popsicle sticks in, then put them in the freezer to hard and so your stick doesn't slip out while you dip them.

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Cuistot September 13, 2007
Oreo Flowers