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I brought this to a Thanksgiving dinner as the "kids" dessert - and everyone, including the adults loved it. It's very much like a mud pie dessert. I have a similar recipe that uses peanut butter mixed in with the cream cheese and coolwhip - that might be a tasty variation!

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KLV December 01, 2002

I have made this for a few dinners now and most everyone loves it (some just don't like cream cheese). You can use the low fat cream cheese and cool whips and it is still very tasty - just add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract to the cream cheese to give it some more flavor. For a fun variation, we also made it in individual clear plastic cups. The layers look so pretty, and you get about 16 cups from it depending on how you scoop. We put each layer into ziploc bags, snipped off a corner, and piped the layers in order to make it layer up cleanly. A big hit! If you have any leftovers, you should eat them within 1-2 days or else the cookies get a little chewy.

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Educ8r13 August 11, 2007

Wow, tasty, quick and so easy. This was very good, I only had 3.5 oz of choclate pudding & 3.5 oz of creamcheese pudding, but it didn't change the yummy dessert. This will be made again and again. I usually have these items on hand!

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Deb Petrill February 16, 2008

I only give four stars because I feel that there was some important steps missing... although it is a rather delightful recipe when you just use it as base. Let me elaborate on what was missing.. "1/2 cup butter"...right, but it SHOULD be melted... much like one would make a cheesecake crust. So I melted the butter THEN mixed the crumbs in... and I also baked the crust for about 15-20 minutes on 350 heat to get it a little more "together". After it cooled, then you could put the rest on it... I used this recipe...just added 1/2 tsp of vanilla to the cream cheese/cool whip mix like one of the other commenters suggested (BTW, I used Fat Free Cool Whip and Cream Cheese). I also MIXED the second cool whip tub with the chocolate pudding after it was made. tastes wonderful.. looks great b/c i decorated it with sour worms and remaining crumbs.

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AudioLovingFemme February 08, 2008
Oreo Cream Cheese Dessert