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These are TOO adorable... I can't wait to show the kids at Thanksgiving tomorrow! I took a step from the other Oreo Turkey recipe on this site and removed the top layer of the base Oreo to expose the filling. I think it looks better this way, and it's easier to stand the vertical Oreo up because you can push it down into the filling. However, you do still need to cement it with icing on the back or it will fall over. I also cemented the candy corns on with icing as those kept falling out as well. I found that laying the bird on his back to attach the body, head, and beak worked well as gravity kept them in place while the icing dried. I used the yellow part of the candy corn to make the feet. I didn't bother with the wattle as I was afraid I'd mess it up and it was pretty obvious that it was a turkey so I didn't feel it was needed. I arranged them on a bed of left-over Fiber One cereal with some pumpkins from Recipe 146641.

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SashasMommy November 24, 2010

Fantastic! These are so cute. I paired them with Cheese Pumpkins to make a cute little pumpkin patch full of turkeys for the buffet table. Everyone enjoyed both the appearance and the flavor. I used the double stuffs, and it was easy to get the candy corn in. Instead of frosting, which I always have trouble using up when I buy it for a small project like this, I used melted chocolate bark (for candy-making) and melted white chocolate chips. These worked great for "gluing" the candy and cookie parts together. Thank you for a keeper!

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Starrynews November 23, 2008

Too cute! I couldn't resist! I made these to take w/ me to DS's for my grandsons. I had to make one adjustment: I subbed Rollo's for the mini peanut butter cups b/c of a grandson's peanut allergy. I split one Oreo double stuff and, after putting in the candy corn tail feathers, sat the "tail" firmly into the white filling of the split cookie. I dabbed a bit of chocolate frosting onto the bottom and one side of the Rollo and "glued" it to the "tail" and the white "snow-covered" ground. "Glued" the malted milk ball onto the Rollo. I noticed that some of the candy corn didn't have the white tip so I broke of the orange tips for the "beaks"... which I "glued" on w/ the frosting. By this time the turkeys were starting to get some personality! I used yellow gel to make "feet" on the "snow" under the turkeys. I used red decorating gel to make the "snoods" and "wattles" across the "beak" and hanging down one side. I used blue decorating gel to make "eye"... too cute. The blue didn't show up as blue b/c of the dark background of the malted milk ball... but they're great! My DD who dropped by w/ my granddaughters LOVED them and I had to send two home for the girls. I'm sure they're going to be a HUGE hit when I get to my son's house for Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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Impera_Magna November 20, 2006

I lovvvvve cute food! Instead of frosting, I "glued" with melted semisweet choc chips. Dries harder than frosting! Also, I used butterscotch chips for the beaks.

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La Dilettante November 19, 2012

Very cute additions for each place setting at my Thanksgiving table. Everyone loved the novelty. I used double stuff oreos and just stuck the candy corn into the filling instead of messing with separating the cookies and using additional frosting. These came together pretty quickly and were quite easy. Thanks for posting.

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Ms B. November 25, 2005


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berry271 January 08, 2014

tried this for grandkids this past Thanksgiving they loved them and the were easy to make<br/><br/>i will make them again

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pickle929 December 19, 2013

Love these....newphews really liked them. I used the melting chocolate wafers to put them together as the frosting just wasn't hardening like I wanted. It worked great! They were fun to make!

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sitpeaches_11464371 November 30, 2013

kids love it

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SpecialMimiK November 24, 2013

These turned out great! And I don't typically make creative treats like this! After doing a bunch of them though, I think I found the best way to do this with less hassle. This is what worked best for me.

I first of all put the resee's cups and whoppers in the freezer. I found they melt quickly when you are handling them so putting them in the freezer delayed that process a bit. Also, I couldn't find candy corn and read reviews of how they were difficult to keep attached so I used Mike & Ike candy. The colors were perfect and I was able to use the orange ones for the feet and beak. Also, I cut them in half long ways for the feathers and they stuck right into the oreo without having to use frosting to hold them in place. Anyway, first I took a whole oreo and stuck in the "feathers". Then I put cookie icing (I used white Betty Crocker that hardens quickly) on top of the resee's cup and stuck it to the oreo with the feathers in it. Then I took a whopper and put two small dabs of frosting (I used white) and then used the little nonpareil balls for the eye colors. Then I cut the orange mike & ike into a beak and used frosting to attach. They are already a bit sticky so that helped out too. I put some frosting where the head should be placed and stuck the whopper to it. After letting that sit for a couple minutes to harden, I then took an oreo and removed one cookie to expose the icing. I put a line of frosting on it and stuck the other cookie I had put together on top of it. I then cut another orange Mike & Ike and made the feet.

This process worked well for me. I used the photo for this recipe as a guide but found the directions were not the way that worked very well for me. I hope this helps. I had no problem with things falling apart. I posted a picture of the final product on here. Its pretty easy to tell which one it is since mine obviously don't have candy corns used. I put them in a dish that I lined with brown sugar for presentation.

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aingle13 November 21, 2012
Oreo Cookie Turkeys