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I've been making chicken this way for a couple of years. It's very moist and we love the dijon and parmesan. Thanks for posting this great one!

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nemokitty June 12, 2009

To quote the DM very taste very moist. I upped this to 6 (just over 1k of meat, though only served 3 - will freeze the other 3 to see how they reheat for the DH for his shift work). This may help others in that I coated one side of the chicken with the dijon and dipped that into the breadcrumb mix pressing down and then coated the exposed side with dijon and scooped the crumb mix up and coated pressing down and then transferred to baking dish. The timing was perfect but was concerned that in the last 5 minutes the crumbs were not browning and looked insipid - sprayed with olive oil and cranked the oven up 25 degree celsius and cooked for 5 minutes, nice brown and crispy on top. We don't use added salt so subbed garlic powder and was out of dried oregano so had to mixed italian herbs. Thank you GraceSC for nice easy chicken recipe perfect for busy days.

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I'mPat December 04, 2007
Oregano Dijon Chicken