Oregano & Chilli Haloumi / Hellim

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

Growing up in a Cypriot family Hellim (also known as Haloumi) was a staple in our family. Mum either would fry or grill the cheese then served with lemon juice and crust bread for breakfast. Yes breakfast! She would never coat it with flour as I see many recipes on Zaar however you could coat this recipe in flour if you wish. You could easily slightly alter the olive oil, lemon juice, spring onion or chilli to suit your palate

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  1. Whisk all dressing ingredients together (Olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, green shallot and chilli) in a small bowl. Taste and season with pepper. Set aside until Haloumi is cooked.
  2. To cook the Haloumi, heat a large non-stick frying pan over a high heat, with one tablespoon of olive oil or spray the pan with olive oil cooking spray. Once the pan was hot add haloumi and cook for one minute each side or until brown and heated through.
  3. Place the haloumi on a serving platter. Spoon over the dressing and sprinkle with oregano leaves and sliced lemon wedges. Serve immediately with crusty bread.
  4. Enjoy.
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I adore hellim cheese and this was a wonderful light lunch for me today! I used a chopped chipotle chilli to sub for the fresh one, but was able to pick some oregano from my winter herb garden. I pan fried my hellim slices and ate them with mache (lamb's lettuce) salad. Made for please make my recipe in the Aus/NZ forum, merci encore Rose! FT:-)

French Tart January 18, 2010

No place around here had or heard of that cheese. I tried Wallmart,Krogers,Shop and Save. That the only stores around here.Is there any substitute for that cheese? Maybe someone will send me a piece of this to try. From what I have read I will give it a 5 star.

kandbstewart June 21, 2009

Chef Flower thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treat. I personally couldn't think of anything more wonderful than this for breakfast. Oh Yum. I love Haloumi/Hellim, like Leggy Peggy it is one of my favorite cheeses. I can't seem to get enough of this tasty salty cheese. I love the recipe, the chili and lemon send it over the top. I used both french shallots and green onion in this dish. So good. I will be enjoying this often....Kudos Baby Kato

Baby Kato June 20, 2009