Orecchiette Rabe (Broccoli) Pasta

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is a great Southern Italian recipe from 150 year old butcher shop in Bari Italy, owner is Leda Monzari. It has a unique bitter flavor from the rappini Italian broccoli, which I cannot get in Russia yet but in most USA markets.Orecchiette Pasta is ear shaped and pinched, get it anywhere in USA.This is different, your friends will come back for more! John Ortega in Moscow,Russia

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  1. Put olive oil in a non stick pan, add the chopped Garlic, Pepper Flakes, and the Anchovies.
  2. Cook till garlic turns a slight brown.
  3. Put Rape or Rappinni Broccoli in boiling hot water, salt, cook till soft.
  4. Strain rabe from the boiling water and use the green water to boil the Orecchiette pasta.
  5. Strain water from pasta, add pasta and rape to olive oil mixture,garlic,anchovie mixture, toss and serve it hot.
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Wow!! So good! The rich flavors blend together so nicely.

mandagirl January 08, 2008

This may very well be my favorite dish of all time thanks to you! I finally got around to making it and i will make this one of my weekly's from now on. so very delicious...so extremely simple and the taste is just so well balanced...i am so grateful for you sharing this recipe...and what a terrific bio on you the chef as well!!!!!! very interesting!!!!

jennifer in new jersey June 06, 2005