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Although I'm partial to chicken breasts, I followed the list of ingredients right down the line & prepared as directed, for a wonderful tasting chicken dish! Definitely enjoyed the combo of flavors from the garlic, orange & rosemary ~ VERY, VERY NICE! [Made & reviewed while on tour in Canada with the Zaar World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike June 23, 2008

Yum Yum - this is definitely a keeper. Searching for a roast chicken recipe yesterday I came across this Orange Rosemary chicken and very glad I found it. I used fresh rosemary and extra garlic but otherwise followed the recipe. I was a bit wary that the marmalade would make it too sweet but the flavours were outstanding. Can't wait to try this one out on friends. Thanks again Gerry.

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maidinafrica November 05, 2006

Holy smokes, this was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I served this up as Thanksgiving dinner last night for my in-laws and it was awesome!! And so easy. My only advice would be to pack the chicken in as small a roaster as possible so you have as thick a layer of orange juice as possible. I did two chickens in my huge roasting pan and the orange juice was completely burned to the bottom after only half an hour. So I transferred the birds to a smaller roaster, put in a second cup of o.j. and then roasted them covered for 45 minutes before finishing them off uncovered for the last half hour. I basted a few times too. We will DEFINITELY be having this again!!!

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Swan Valley Tammi October 08, 2006

This was quite delish! I used Boneless skinless breast for my DH and thighs for myself . I would skip the oil next time as the chicken gave off plenty of juice/fat . I used more rosemary and tucked some along with garlic cloves and orange bits under the skin of the thighs, The roasted garlic cloves with the orange and the chicken skin was great. I wanted more orange flavor so will probably marinated it a bit the next time, but still wonderful flavors. Made for Best on 2010 Tag.

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momaphet March 28, 2011

WONDERFUL!!! I have to start off by telling you that I didn't make your recipe the traditional way as I no longer buy whole chickens because my family fights over the breast and leaves the rest. I used boneless, skinless, split breasts instead. I melted the butter with the garlic in my sauce pan, then I dredged each breast through the garlic butter and placed them in the baking pan. I then sprinkled the chicken with the salt, pepper and 3/4 tsp. of dried rosemary. In order to keep the breast pieces moist, I added 1/4 cup extra orange juice. For the glaze, I used 4 Tbs. marmalade and just a pinch extra rosemary so there would be enough glaze to top each breast (6 total). I heated the the marmalade and rosemary over low heat in order to make it easier to spread. The chicken came out tender and so full of flavor...a recipe I will be proud to serve to company. Made and Reviewed for the Best of 2009 Tag Game~ And I will be adding it to a best of 2010 Book.

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Chef Buggsy Mate February 27, 2010

This was delicious. I chose this because most roasted chicken recipes call for lemon and I was out of lemons and lemon juice. Oranges, I had plenty of! It smelled great while baking (garlic) and tasted moist and fragrant. I roasted my chicken with the breast meat down to help keep them moist. It worked great!

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Pam-I-Am October 27, 2005

We LOVED this chicken. The directions are perfect and the outcome couldn't be more perfect. The chicken develops a nice, crispy crust while remaining moist and tender on the inside. The flavor is absolutely wonderful. All this and it was simple too! Wow. Thank you for posting!

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LifeIsGood May 23, 2011

Super easy recipe. Chicken came out very moist. We did not get much orange flavor... I copied the recipe to a T too. Oh well, thanks for the easy recipe!

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932ninja May 07, 2012

Will make this again. I did not have Orange Marmalade so I sliced an orange and laid it on top the chicken with the dried rosemary and also put a quartered orange inside the chicken with the garlic. Now that I made it like this and we like it, I am thinking the orange marmalade would be to sweet for us.

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black and gold February 15, 2011

great and easy! i did this with chicken breasts, bone in and skin. added a bit of lemon and an onion as well as paprika, chili flakes and extra garlic! delicious!!! i'm serving it for dinner tonight... hope my husband likes it!

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hebsta April 26, 2010
Orange Rosemary Roasted Chicken