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This was chicken was really good! This was my first attempt at grilling chicken on our new gas grill and I wasn't sure how it would work, but the whole thing went fine. I cooked three chicken breasts which I cut in half so the thin ends wouldn't over cook. I cut the recipe for the glaze in half and should have made it 1/4. With the first piece I ate I didn't taste the glaze that much but it came through on the 2nd. I cooked down a little of the glaze to dip in - the rosemary was almost too much in doing this - I would set some aside next time before adding the rosemary for this use. My chicken started cooking faster then I expected and I wasn't sure it would have enough time to cook with the glaze so I moved it to the upper rack to slow it down, I would probably start basting sooner. My only other change would be to not salt the chicken before cooking, with the additional salt from the glaze ingredients I found it a little too salty. Thank you Evelyn for another tasty dish! Reviewed for ZWT3

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momaphet July 07, 2007

This recipe is AMAZING!! Honestly, if you are looking at this recipe and thinking about making it - do! This is one of those that should have more reviews than it does. We halved the recipe for the glaze, and used 3 large chicken breasts cut in half. It had a wonderful hickory flavor and we too served the chicken with "grilled herbed vegetables" like the other reviewer did. Thanks for posting such an amazing recipe!

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Kohtzy June 22, 2007

I had some chicken leg quarters which I used for this recipe. I removed the skin and cooked the leg quarters for about 10 minutes in the microwave before putting on the grill. The glaze is mildly flavored and adds just the perfect touch of flavor to the chicken. I served the chicken with baked potatoes and Grilled Herbed Vegetables Grilled Herbed Vegetables.

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PaulaG April 09, 2006
Orange - Rosemary Chicken