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I made this recipe today, following it to the letter, correct oven temps, the works as I always do when I try a new recipe. The reviews were good, but the results were awful--1) it needs salt; 2) they don't brown correctly which is a problem; 3) they are hard as rocks and extremely bland. Very disappointing and big was of time and especiallly, ingredients. They were so bad, I had to throw them all away--and that's rare that I ever have to toss anything I've made. I have made many biscotti recipes with good results, so it is not inexperience with biscotti, this is a bad recipe.

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BestFriendsStevie December 13, 2009

I love these biscotti!! They have a delightful mildly-sweet flavor, and the best texture of any biscotti I've ever made (they're nice and crunchy--without being hard)! I scaled the recipe down to 12 servings; used whole wheat pastry flour and sodium-free baking powder; and made one 3 1/2" x 6" dough log (which I cut straight across rather than diagonally). Plus, after baking, I dipped one side of each cookie in melted white chocolate--just to dress them up a bit for Christmas. All of that worked out very well! These delicious biscotti were a real pleasure to make (and eat!), and will definitely become a regular part of my holiday baking! Thanks for a great recipe, Chef Charley!! (Tagged, made, and reviewed for Bargain Basement Game.)

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So Cal Gal December 12, 2009
Orange-Pecan Biscotti