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A fabulous pancake recipe, Paula. The orange juice, zest and segments and the honey made these so superbly flavoursome. 'Twasn't brunch time, nor the weekend - though they'd certainly be an excellent brunch dish - but a light Tuesday evening meal, enjoyed by a friend and me. We ate these with fresh strawberries - always a superb accompaniment to oranges - and strawberry champagne. I made them on my electric pancake maker. Easy to follow instructions, and very easy to make. I used a creamy Greek ricotta, not as low in fat but yummy! If you like the sound of this recipe, but don't like ricotta, you could use cream cheese, yoghurt or icecream. I'll be making these again, and next time I'm going to try them with Greek yoghurt, and I'm going to add a dash of liqueur to the sauce!

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bluemoon downunder April 11, 2006
Orange Pancakes With Orange Sauce