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These were great for Halloween. I didn't have cider vinegar so used rice wine vinegar after reading through the recipe and deciding the acid was used for chemical reaction not taste so much. Would definitely make again.

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callmebubbles November 09, 2010

There were a few problems with this recipe, but they get four stars because they were still delicious! I made them as written. First, the cake did not rise around the filling. I'm not sure what to change to make that happen, but it did make for a very pretty cupcake. Also, the filling doesn't 'ooze', I didn't expect it to because of the egg, but I wanted to make it as written. I think it might work if you just eliminated the egg.The filling was more of cheesecake consistency. I also needed much more than the amount of food coloring stated to get a good orange color. I can't tell you how much or what ratio, I just kept adding until I was happy with it. The cake part was absolutely delicious with and without the filling! So, this wasn't exactly what I was expecting but still turned out great. Thanks!

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SweetySJD December 28, 2008
Orange Ooze Cupcakes - B-S