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Moxie! We loved this chicken! The glaze is perfect. First off, I started with 3 cups of Sunny Delight, added the molasses, and I had to use white wine vinegar, out of red and...KIDDING, lol! I used real OJ!(but I really did have to sub white wine vinegar) The glaze is so good! Mine took longer than 15 minutes to cook down, too. I think it was because I used a saucepan, and not a large skillet--no biggie. The chicken came out moist and delicious. I will definitely make this one again! Thanks mox!

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ciao February 12, 2004

The whole family loved this. I used 8 oranges though, but I think that's because I had to squeeze them by hand. I subbed dark corn syrup for the molasses because at the last minute I noticed I didn't have any, and it was still perfection. I think the glaze had to boil down for a 1/2 hour, maybe because I made a subsitution? It doesn't matter because this was just wonderful! I made your Cranberry Upsidedown Cake for after dinner and I think it's the perfect dessert for this.

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Kiss*My*Tiara May 05, 2004

Excellent provender. Followed directions explicitly and it turned out terrific. Thanks, Moxie.

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Clifford Boren February 15, 2004

I agree completely with all said by Quest4ZBest and Jenn from New Orleans. This looks better than it turns out, but pouring the pan juices over everything hot on your plate definitely helps! For all that effort to juice the oranges (even with a machine), I recommend drinking the juice and using another chicken recipe ...

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Laurie H. March 15, 2009

I was excited to try this recipe...but was a little disappointed! It was good...but not something I'd want to make on a regular basis. I was hoping for something with more of an orange flavor - the molasses was more prominant than I would have liked. I didn't mind boiling down the sauce, but it did take over 15 minutes on medium/high (just for others to be aware of). I served over white rice.

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Quest4ZBest February 24, 2008

This was very tasty! I couldn't believe how so few ingredients could yield such a great and unique flavor. I served it with brown rice and and drizzled the remaining glaze over the rice, and the result was soooo yummy! My husband, my mother, and I all enjoyed it. I'll definitely make it again. Next time I'll not cook the glaze as long because it thickened up a lot after I removed it from the heat.

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Jenn from New Orleans S February 01, 2008

We really enjoyed the flavor of this! I made a half recipe and 3 oranges was not enough to get juice so I added the juice of about 8 clementines. While making the glaze, it quickly went from soupy to thick so be careful. Also, it was difficult to brush on the glaze since it becomes the consistency of taffy. I laid it on the chicken and it baked nicely. I had no extra to reserve though. Cleanup is a little extra work since the glaze hardens when it cools.

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Ducky March 01, 2006

I was quite please with how this turned out. A lot of full bodied flavor with few ingredients. This would be a great dish for unexpected company (that is if you feel like treating them lol). Served with steamed rice, steamed broccoli and a side salad. Made a very nice dinner. I did cook my glaze for about 20 minutes. Next time I try it on the grill.

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Mysterygirl July 09, 2004

Excellent! Did this for lunch today. Other than cutting the recipe in half and using skinned de-boned thighs I followed recipe. To counter point the sweetness of the glaze I served it with Curried Couscous, Derf #16866. Both my guest and I were quite impressed. Thanx for posting this great recipe. Pierre

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Pierre Dance June 14, 2004

Wonderful recipe -I cut it back to two breasts - no problem. One of my favorites things to do with a recipe is to prepare as much as I can in the AM and finish it just before serving- I tried this with the glaze-wrong- perhaps I reduced it a bit too much but it turned quite solid when cooled and I had to pry it out of the measuring cup to warm it before brushing the breasts. It is a fabulous glaze but will be less work if you make it just before putting the chicken in the oven. The flavor from this glaze is wonderful! It is a keeper Thanks Moxie!

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Bergy May 02, 2004
Orange-Molasses Glazed Chicken