Orange Julius Roll-Ups (Dehydrator) (Raw Foods)

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Recipe by mliss29

Adapted from a recipe on the Nesco Dehydrators website. This is a basic recipe and I'm not sure yet how many batches of it are needed to fill up a roll-up dehydrator sheet. Two batches didn't fill it up and my "roll-ups" came out lacy. But still good and gobble-worthy. The website says the sheets will hold 3 cups worth.

Top Review by free-free

Tagged to make for "My 3 Chefs" where my theme was "Dehydrator Delights", I have done this recipe in a variety of interpretations about a dozen times over the past month and am finally reviewing it just in time to meet the game deadline...mliss29 has also changed her original recipe since I first tag it and I have made it both the old way and the new way (and every way which in between {{lol}} :) **) originally I had played with several types of apple-sauces (using about 2 cups) flavored with other fruit such as pineapple and lemon ...I LOVE her newish addition of the OJ, orange zest and DATES! (the zest and date are especially excellent and smell so good!!- like a natural room freshener while drying :)) YUM!! - mine does come out what I would call somewhat lacy as well but who cares, I like lace :) Each time I make this I LOVE it more...a ROCKING ROLL RECIPE-lol :) -Thanks mliss29

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  1. Puree all ingredients and pour onto solid fruit roll dehydrator sheets.
  2. Place on dehydrator trays and dry at 135º F for 4 to 8 hours, or until leathery. (Or to keep them "raw", heat no higher than 110º F.).
  3. Remove from sheets while still warm.
  4. Cool and store in a dark, dry, cool place or in the freezer.

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